Necromancy spells that I had to deal with (DnD 5e)

Greetings! During my long, very eventful and adventurous life, a great many times I had to hear all kinds of spells uttered by various sorcerers, wizards and warlocks. Many of these spells were cast in the name of saving someone’s life, but I also had to face magic aimed at the completely opposite result — namely, to take someone’s life.

In this case, I would like to tell you about the spells of the School of Necromancy. I have prepared a list of some of the spells that were used more often than others by the necromancers I encountered. Basically, we will talk about spells of 3rd level and below for a very understandable reason. These practices can be mastered by novice followers of the school of necromancy.

Toll the Dead

The first spell of necromancy, which was once pronounced in my address, is known as the ‘Toll the dead’. I traveled with a group of adventurers many years ago, and they were looking for an artifact of power in an abandoned cave near Neverwinter. In these gloomy catacombs, a very unpleasant but rather predictable surprise awaited us in the form of a group of evil spellcasters, one of whom used the Toll the dead spell against me and my companions. Even now, after so many years, a picture of those events clearly appears before my eyes: a quick wave of his arms, a terrible voice and the shrill ringing of a sad bell envelop everything around. At that moment, I was seized by the only desire: to run away in horror, abandon my friends and break free to the light.

Necromancy spells for Dangeons & Dragons (DnD) part 1

To this day, it remains unknown to me what forces came to my aid at that moment and allowed me to resist this destructive effect of black magic, but I was still able to overcome the unknown horror that pressed on me from all sides and get out of the dark labyrinth.

False life DnD 5

The second spell of necromancy I happened to hear from my old friend, who has been trying not to show himself among the living for a long time. In my youth, I learned from him the intricacies of alchemy, and under his sensitive guidance I learned simple easy-to-remember spells. In general, I managed to quickly learn one simple spell, which, nevertheless, saved my life more than once, and this practice is characterized by the term — False life.

False Life is a 1st-circle spell that allows you to increase your vitality for one hour, or to help one of your companions. Applying it, I felt a certain surge of strength, which allowed me to stay on my feet even in the most difficult and simply deadly moments, when in my mind I was already saying goodbye to life. Many people underestimate this practice, because at first glance, the spell may seem trivial, but do not jump to conclusions, because this tool can definitely help the caster to survive at the initial levels. In many situations, being able to stay alive and keep fighting comes down to just a few points of damage, and False Life can be the only life-saving straw for you and your companions.

Animate Dead

I had to learn about the fourth necromancy spell from this list under very sad circumstances. A friend of mine, with whom we traveled across Toril in my wilder days, successfully resisting many difficulties, nevertheless fell in battle. Naturally, I was immensely saddened by what had happened and simply could not find a place for myself from grief. And then either stupidity, or fear of losing a friend, pushed me to a rash: I decided to turn to a necromancer for help.

Previously, of course, I heard that the great followers of the School of Necromancy can resurrect the dead. I knew where to find the necromancer, I had something to offer him in return, and then he told that he would use the Animate Dead spell. He assured me that this would allow my friend to be revived, but I had no desire to delve into the details and figure out all this, so I myself insisted on the prompt execution of the ceremony and revitalization of my friend at any cost. Of course, at that moment I had no idea what my recklessness would turn out to be.

However, I will note that the wise researcher Abu al-Hazim, known to you, was once, like everyone else, young, inexperienced and, from the height of my present experience, I can even say — stupid. Now, I will risk immodestly declaring this, many knowledge of the world have submitted to my mind, and I can tell you that the Animate Dead is a 3rd circle spell that allows you to get a result that will be accepted by many ordinary people as the most canonical necromancy, namely, the revival of corpses.

Adventurer, remember that it takes 1 minute to cast the spell. First, you need to choose a target: a pile of bones or a humanoid corpse, but only of medium or small size and within 10 feet of you. If the spell is successfully cast, the target is revived as a skeleton if initially there was a pile of bones in front of you, or as a zombie if there was a corpse in front of you.

The latter, in fact, happened in my story. My friend turned into a zombie who began to obey the necromancer. Of course, then I realized that I had done a great unforgivable stupidity, and the necromancer decided to get rid of an unnecessary witness, or was going to turn me into his zombie, in general, he immediately ordered his new slave to attack me. I had the sanity to understand that the roaring monster rushing towards me had nothing to do with the person I knew, and I had to kill him. In a fit of anger, I managed to deal with the necromancer, although I understand that all responsibility for what happened lies solely with me.

Bestow Curse

Well, the last spell I’m going to tell you about is Bestow Curse. So, the essence of this spell is extremely simple: the caster, touching the chosen target, curses it. However, there are slight discrepancies in the description of this spell. The effects of an imposed curse always manifest in different ways.

For example, the damned may lose the ability to do what was previously elementary for him. Or, for example, in battle, even an experienced warrior can become inept, begin to get tangled under the feet of his companions and interfere with them in every possible way, also those struck by the curse can show miracles of dementia or waste their chance on any action. At the same time, there is a high probability of periodically receiving damage from necrotic energy. In general — the spell can be very useful for your party/

These are all the spells I would like to tell you about today. Let me know if you enjoy the stories about my life. And with you, as always, Abu al-Hazim was. Scientist, historian and researcher.

Dart Sidius

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